4 bone variation.

Product Information

日本語 クラシックな雰囲気をまとったバースツール。大きめの座面が座わり易く、安定感があります。
Materials: ブナ材、革
Measurements: H 82 (91) cm x W 38 cm x D 42 cm (high)
H 72 (81) cm x W 38 cm x D 42 cm (low) Colors: チーク塗装/ナチュラル/ラッカー塗装
Design: Utopia Workshop - 2014
Manufacturer: Utopia Workshop (ノルウェー)
¥101,900 +tax (each)

This comfortable, unpretentious chair was invented in 1898. Made from solid materials and built to last, the Jærstol quickly became a classic. With its functional form and natural colour, it has been a well-known Norwegian chair for generations. The Jærstol is made with locally sourced materials. The seat of the original chair was fashioned from reeds harvested in the coastal region of Jæren, along Norway’s southwest coast.

Materials: Beech, leather
Measurements: H 82 (91) cm x W 38 cm x D 42 cm (high)
H 72 (81) cm x W 38 cm x D 42 cm (low)
Design: Utopia Workshop -2014

Designer Profile: Utopia Workshop

Since 2002, Oslo design gallery Utopia Retro Modern has strived to promote Norwegian design history through sales and exhibitions. Its aim has been to create interest in 20th-century design in general – and Norway’s role in particular. In 2012, the galery started producing its own designs, as well as relaunching a selection of Norwegian classics. Utopia Workshop was established in 2014 as an independent company, specialising in the manufacture and distribution of furniture and other design objects.

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