The Jærstol

4 bone variation.

Product Information

日本語 1898年から作り続けられているヤーレストーレンチェア。ノルウェー人が一度はどこかで目 にしたことのある代表的なローカルデザインのチェア。座面の荒い質感とフレームのコント ラスト秀逸な作品。
Materials: オーク/パイン、海草
Measurements: H 89 cm x W 50 cm x D 54 cm, SH 42 cm
Weight: 2,3 kg
Design: 1898
Manufacturer: Slåke (ノルウェー)
パイン ¥42,900 +tax (3 bone) ¥50,500 +tax (4 bone)
オーク ¥83,700 +tax (3 bone) ¥88,000 +tax (4 bone)

This comfortable, unpretentious chair was invented in 1898. Made from solid materials and built to last, the Jærstol quickly became a classic. With its functional form and natural colour, it has been a well-known Norwegian chair for generations. The Jærstol is made with locally sourced materials. The seat of the original chair was fashioned from reeds harvested in the coastal region of Jæren, along Norway’s southwest coast.

Materials: Oak or pine and sea grass
Measurements: H 89 cm x W 50 cm x D 54 cm, SH 42 cm
Weight: 2,3 kg
Design: 1898

Designer Profile: Slåke

Slåke was founded in 1938 and has been manufacturing classic furniture for more than 75 years. The company’s vision is to create new classics in the Nordic design tradition, with an emphasis on caring for materials and never compromising on craftsmanship. Scandinavian design, Norwegian production and the use of solid wood are hallmarks of Slåke’s products. Working with Norwegian design trio Angell, Wyller and Aarseth, Slåke created the new Saddle chair (first shown at 100% Norway in 2014), while also continuing with the traditional production of the Jærstol – a comfortable and classic chair dating back to 1898.

Other Icons by Slåke

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Saddle by Angell, Wyller & Aarseth