Biri Wallpaper

Natural and eco-friendly, Biri straw wallpaper brings a small piece of nature’s serenity and softness into daily life. Creating a simple way of using a stack of ‘material’ exposed as part of the overall aesthetic are characteristic of Norwegian design. Straw wallpaper therefore represents a typical Norwegian approach to natural materials.

Material: Straw and thread
Measurements: H 240 or 250 cm x W as long as you like
Colour: Natural straw with red, black, blue, green and yellow thread

Semb Gård (farm), dating back to 1355, is situated in Biri, a small village 20 km south of the Olympic City of Lillehammer in the south-eastern part of Norway. Arts, crafts and weaving have always been a tradition on the farm, and when Klare Schee decided to try to use straw in her tapestries in 1938, she was just bringing the tradition of her ancestors a step further.

The first straw wall covering was made from Christmas sheaves and was used to cover the walls in the dining room at Semb Gård. Mrs. Schee, herself, was very pleased and thought the brilliance and structure of the wall covering was quite extraordinary. In order to hear what other people thought about it, she invited some friends to a party. Among those friends there were two well-known Norwegian architects, and they were so excited about it that they decided to use the straw covering for a project in Oslo City Hall. Klare Schee personally brought the wall covering rolls with her on the train to Oslo, where she hired an errand boy with a handcart and brought the rolls from the central railway station to the City Hall. Times were hard and manufacturing of wall covering would be valuable extra income for the farm. In addition, it would give local housewives a chance of earning some extra money for their families. Time would show that there was a market for this unique product.

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